Kevin B. Anderson

Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Imperialist Logic Behind Trump’s Attack on Syria in the Wake of Assad Regime War Crimes

Within a few days in April, the Trump administration pivoted away from its nearly open support for the Assad regime to a military attack on it. This was followed by harsh language against Russia, the setting off of a huge bomb in Afghanistan, and the dispatch of an aircraft carrier armed with nuclear weapons toward North Korea.

Marx’s Intertwining of Race and Class During the Civil War in the U.S.

As the U.S. marked the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, some attention was given to African-American resistance to slavery and to the northern radical abolitionists. Increasingly, it was admitted, even in the South, that the Confederacy’s supposedly “noble cause” was based upon the defense of slavery.

The Criminal Siege of Aleppo and Its Consequences

United Nations aid convoys and civilian hospitals and clinics regularly attacked by planes. Civilians deprived of water and food. Hundreds dying every week. Thousands of refugees fleeing, while hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped. Such is the situation in eastern Aleppo, Syria, as the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran and its proxies commit one […]

The Trump Election: Mourn, Reflect, and Organize

The old Wobbly slogan says, “Don’t Mourn, Organize,” but I think we can amend that to say that we should mourn the fateful events of Nov. 8, but not for too long.  Then, we need to reflect theoretically and organize in response to the monstrous reality we are now facing. Here’s one way to think […]

[Arabic] Nagesh Rao, “When Marx Looked Outside Europe,” Illuminations, Aug. 21, 2016

[Arabic] Nagesh Rao, “When Marx Looked Outside Europe,” Illuminations, Aug. 21, 2016

[Persian] Lessons From the Arab Spring

This article was translated into Persian and published in Critique of Political Economy. The original was published in Jacobin on September 12, 2016 and can be accessedHERE. The Persian translation can be accessed HERE

Lessons From the Arab Spring

Far from ending in defeat, the Arab Spring inaugurated a long-term revolutionary process in the Middle East. What happened to the 2011 Arab revolutions? They reverberated throughout the Middle East and North Africa and around the globe, influencing movements from Occupy to the indignados. Even after the Arab Spring had mostly passed, the wave they helped […]

Deep Contradictions Facing the Global Movement for Human Emancipation: The Middle East, China, and Europe

Prologue We live in a time marked by the revolutionary upsurge that began in the Arab world in 2011, followed swiftly by Madison, Madrid, Occupy Wall Street, and then a bit later, by Gezi Park in Turkey, the defense of Kobane, Black Lives Matter, and the Sanders and Corbyn phenomena. During this whole period, tiny […]

Review of Marx at Margins; Tomonaga Tairako, Ryuji Sasaki, Michio Goto and Takeo Kinoshita

Tomonaga Tairako, Ryuji Sasaki, Michio Goto and Takeo Kinoshita, Posse (Tokyo), Vol. 28 (2016, in Japanese)

Easter 1916 at 100: Its Marxian Dimension

What the late British historian Eric Hobsbawm called “the short 20th century” is said to have begun with the Great War of 1914 and ended in 1989-91 with the collapse of the Soviet bloc. This remarkably bloody short century is seen as marked by Nazism, Stalinism, World War II and the Holocaust, and then the Cold War. As Theodor Adorno famously put it after 1945, humanity had experienced “progress,” albeit from the slingshot to the megaton bomb.