Kevin B. Anderson

Professor of Sociology, Political Science, and Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Persian Translation of Marx at the Margins

Published by Zherf Books, Tehran, Iran, January 2012

Hassan Mortazavi’s translation of Kevin Anderson’s Marx at the Margins: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Non-Western Societies came off the press in January 2012 (Zherf Books, Tehran, Iran) This is the first published translation of the book, with French and Turkish editions underway.

“Interview with Kevin Anderson” – by Kevin Anderson and Ayob Rahmani

Hassan Mortazavi’s 2008 Persian translation of Marx’s Capital, Vol. I, is to be commended as one of the few to include the textual variants from the French edition, variants that are yet to appear in any English edition. These show Marx’s shift toward a more multilinear theory of social development in his later years and call into question some of Engels’s editing decisions. The relevance of Marx and of Marxist-Humanism for today and the enduring significance of Rosa Luxemburg are also discussed.


(French Translation)
(Persian Translation)
(Spanish Translation)

Marx at the Margins Receives Sociology Book Award

This year’s winner of The Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Book Award is Kevin Anderson for his work Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies (University of Chicago Press, 2010). The award committee, chaired by Tom Keil, and consisting of Keil, Rod Bush, Tom Conroy and Wendi Kane, described the work as: “[A] […]

Occupy Wall Street movement (Chinese)

Kevin Anderson interviewed in  Chinese Social Sciences Daily Interviewed by Zhang Junni in “Occupy Wall Street: Exposing the Systemic Crisis of Capitalism in America,” Chinese Social Sciences Today, Nov. 8, 2011

Le Monde Diplomatique Reviews Marx at the Margins

Le but de ce blog et de mon compte Twitter est d’essayer faire passer une autre information sur l’Orient. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de tenter de donner des nouvelles différentes, ni d’analyser ce qui s’y passe, mais aussi de changer la grille de lecture à travers laquelle nous regardons l’Orient. Il faut arriver à […]

Portuguese Translation of “Foucault and the Iranian Revolution”

Foucault and the Iranian Revolution – by Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson – was issued in Portuguese in March 2011 by the Brazilian publisher Realizaçoes Editora (Sao Paulo): O filósofo Michel Foucault estava trabalhando como correspondente especial do Corriere della Sera e do Nouvel Observateur em 1978 quando os protestos contra o xá atingiram […]

New Books for 2010

To be published by University of Chicago Press, April 2010.

“Marx at the Margins: On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies”

Marx’s critique of capital was far broader than is usually supposed. To be sure, he concentrated on the labor-capital relation within Western Europe and North America. But at the same time, he expended considerable time and energy on the analysis of non-Western societies, as well as race, ethnicity, and nationalism. While some of these writings show a problematically unilinear perspective and, on occasion, traces of ethnocentrism, the overall trajectory of Marx’s writings was toward a critique of national, ethnic, and colonial oppression and toward an appreciation of resistance movements in these spheres.

On Haiti: An open letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy

In an open letter published today in the French national newspaper Libération, more than 90 leading academics, authors and other prominent figures from around the world are publicly calling on the French government to reimburse the 90 million gold francs France extorted from Haitians following Haiti’s independence. Read more on France Diplomatie.

Academics Concerned About the Assault on Iranian Universities

We the undersigned, academics and administrators of universities around the world express our deep concern about the deteriorating situation of universities in Iran, particularly in the aftermath of the recent Presidential elections. All signs indicate that the authorities are engaged in a major crackdown on Iranian universities and intend to impose yet more infringements on […]

Academics' Declaration of Support for Iranian Demonstrators

Open letter of support to the demonstrators in Iran Friday 19 June 2009 This morning Ayatollah Ali Khamenei demanded an end to the massive and forceful demonstrations protesting the controversial result of last week’s election. He argued that to make concessions to popular demands and ‘illegal’ pressure would amount to a form of ‘dictatorship’, and […]