Los votantes estadounidenses repudian la extrema derecha, pero aún se enfrentan al capitalismo de austeridad bajo Obama

Los Ángeles, California- Un electorado multicultural y multiétnico ha rechazado rotundamente la agenda de extrema derecha republicana en las elecciones estadounidenses de noviembre. Barack Obama logró una victoria por un  margen mayor del que habían predicho incluso los encuestadores más afines. Los votantes rechazaron las políticas de la derecha, no solo en el terreno económico, […]

U.S. Voters Repudiate Far Right, But Still Face Austerity Capitalism under Obama

Los Angeles, CA — A multiethnic, multicultural electorate has just given a sharp slap in the face to the extreme-right Republican agenda in the November elections in the U.S. Barack Obama achieved a more decisive victory than even sympathetic pollsters had predicted. Voters rejected right-wing politics not only on economic grounds, but also in terms of gender, sexuality, race, immigration, healthcare, the “war on drugs,” and militarism. (Persian Translation) (Spanish Translation)

Persian translation of “Marcuse’s and Fromm’s Correspondence with the Socialist Feminist Raya Dunayevskaya: A New Window on Critical Theory”

This article has been translated into Persian by Mehrdad Emami  and published on October 8, 2012 the website “Anthropology and Culture” For original English version, please Click Here

Year Two of the Arab Revolutions

I. Prologue The 2011 Arab revolutions have shaken the world, toppling three well-entrenched dictatorships – in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya — in a battle not only for democracy, but also one that raised issues of economic and social justice while attacking neoliberal capitalism. Moreover, they touched off a year of upheaval, from Wisconsin to Spain, […]

Marx en torno al nacionalismo, la etnicidad y las sociedades no occidentales (Spanish)

“Marx en torno al nacionalismo, la etnicidad y las sociedades no occidentales” (Spanish) [Marx on nationalism, ethnicity, and non-Western societies], July 25, 2012 Conclusion of Marx at the Margins translated and published in Spanish by the website Viento Sur (

Marx plus que dans les marges (French)

“Marx plus que dans les marges”  [Marx at more than the margins], July 16, 2012 Conclusion of Marx at the Margins translated and published in French by the website A l’encontre — La Breche (

On Marx, Hegel, and Critical Theory in Postwar Germany: A Conversation with Iring Fetscher; Translated by Jin Shou-tie (Chinese)

Marcuse’s and Fromm’s Correspondence with the Socialist Feminist Raya Dunayevskaya: A New Window on Critical Theory

During the years 1954 to 1978, the Marxist-Humanist and feminist philosopher Raya Dunayevskaya corresponded separately but intensively with two noted members of the Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm. The correspondence covered dialectical social theory, socialist humanism, the structure and contradictions of modern capitalism, and feminism and revolution. As a whole, these exchanges illustrate […]

“Marx at the Margins: An Interview with Kevin Anderson,” by Kevin Anderson and Spencer Leonard

Last summer, Spencer A. Leonard interviewed Kevin Anderson, author of Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism (1995) and Marx at the Margins (2010). The interview was broadcast on August 2, 2011 on the radio show Radical Minds on WHPK–FM Chicago. What follows is an edited transcript of their conversation.  Spencer Leonard: Broadly describe your aims and […]

“Interview with Kevin Anderson” – by Kevin Anderson and Ayob Rahmani

Hassan Mortazavi’s 2008 Persian translation of Marx’s Capital, Vol. I, is to be commended as one of the few to include the textual variants from the French edition, variants that are yet to appear in any English edition. These show Marx’s shift toward a more multilinear theory of social development in his later years and call into question some of Engels’s editing decisions. The relevance of Marx and of Marxist-Humanism for today and the enduring significance of Rosa Luxemburg are also discussed. PDF (French Translation) (Persian Translation) (Spanish Translation)