Masami Asakawa, “Marx continued writing ‘at margins’: His attitude of overcoming earlier limitations”

Masami Asakawa, “Marx continued writing ‘at margins’: His attitude of overcoming earlier limitations,” Tosho Shinbun, No 3215. July 18, 2015

Book Just Published: French edition of Marx at the Margins

MARX AUX ANTIPODES: NATIONS, ETHNICITE ET SOCIETES NON OCCIDENTALES DE KEVIN ANDERSON PARIS: EDITIONS SYLLEPSE QUEBEC: M.EDITEUR Janvier 2015 Ce livre s’intéresse aux écrits de Marx sur des sociétés qui, de son vivant, se situaient pour la plupart à la périphérie du capitalisme. Il s’agit d’une approche inédite des rapports raciaux et coloniaux dans l’oeuvre […]

New South Asian Edition of Marx at the Margins

In Marx at the Margins, Kevin Anderson uncovers a variety of Extensive but neglected texts by the well known political economist which cast what we thought we knew about his work in a startlingly different light. Analyzing a variety of Marx’s Writings, including journalistic work for the New York Tribune, Anderson presents us with a […]

Book Just Published: Turkish edition of “Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism”

Lenin Hegel ve Batı Marksizmi, Turkish edition of Kevin Anderson’s Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism, translated by Ertain Gunciner, has just been published by Yordam Kitap, Instanbul

Review of Marx at the Margins, Ungal Noolagam (Tamil Nadu, India) August and September 2011

N Muthu Mohan, review of Marx at the Margins, Ungal Noolagam (Tamil Nadu, India) August and September 2011 Part 1 Part 2

Book Just Published: Mo’arefi-ye Ara-ye Kevin Anderson: Majmu’eh-ye Maqalat [Introducing the Ideas of Kevin Anderson: Selected Articles]

Mo’arefi-ye Ara-ye Kevin Anderson: Majmu’eh-ye Maqalat [Introducing the Ideas of Kevin Anderson: Selected Articles, in Persian]  (Bidar Publishers, 2013, 180 pp., also published as an eBook. On the MEGA and the French Edition of Capital (1998) Marx’s Late Writings (2002) Lenin’s Encounter with Hegel after 80 years (1995) The Rediscovery and Persistence of the Dialectic: […]

Just published: Chinese edition of Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism

The Chinese edition of Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism: A Critical Study, translated by Professor Zhang Chuanping, appeared in October 2012 from Nanjing University Press, with a new introduction by the author. Buy from Amazon

Just Published: David Norman Smith’s Review of Marx at the Margins in Rethinking Marxism

Marx’s perspective on the multicultural world in which capital achieves systemic ascendancy has not yet been fully mapped either culturally or geopolitically. Capital’s ‘‘metabolism’’ with the environing social world has been affirmed in principle and, anthropologically, in terms of the articulation of modes of production. But Marx at the Margins is the first book to […]

Just Published: The Turkish Edition of Afary and Anderson’s Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

Arka Kapak1978-1979 yılları arasında, İran halkı, otoriter bir iktisadi ve kültürel modernleşme programı yürüten Rıza Şah Pehlevi rejimini devirdi. Ayetullah Humeyni’nin önderliğindeki militan İslamcı hizip; laik milliyetçilerin, liberallerin, solcuların yer aldığı rejim karşıtı başkaldırıya egemen oldu. İslamcılar için, Şaha karşı verilen mücadele Kerbela Savaşı’nı, Humeyni masum Hüseyin’i, Şah da onun can düşmanı Yezid’i simgeliyordu. Şahın […]

Just Published: Karl Marx, edited by Bertell Ollman and Kevin B. Anderson

Marx’s approach to analyzing society and especially his critique of capitalist society, continues to influence the work of a large number of scholars world-wide. Unfortunately, there are relatively few clear accounts of what this approach is and how to put it to use. And, despite the many attempts to use Marx’s method to study a […]