Distinguished Professor of Sociology,
Courtesy Appointments in Feminist Studies and Political Science.

University of California, Santa Barbara


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Kevin B. Anderson is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with courtesy appointments in Feminist Studies and Political Science. He is the author of Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism (1995), Foucault and the Iranian Revolution (with Janet Afary, 2005), and Marx at the Margins (2010/2016). Among his edited volumes are the Rosa Luxemburg Reader (with Peter Hudis, 2004) and the Dunayevskaya-Marcuse-Fromm Correspondence (with Russell Rockwell, 2012).  He writes regularly for New Politics, The International Marxist-Humanist, and Jacobin on Marxism and on international politics and radical movements in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.


France: Anti-Police Uprising of Marginalized Youth Hurls Challenge to the Entire Social Order

In response to the police murder of a 17-year-old youth, Nahel Merzouk, in the banlieue [variously translated as working class [...]
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French Strikes and Popular Mobilizations Continue, Contesting Not Only Retirement Rollback, But Also Police Brutality and Authoritarian Politics

Since January, more-or-less weekly mass labor mobilizations have continued against a new law that would increase the retirement [...]
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Democracy and the White Working Class vs. “Oligarchy” in the South: Insights from Varon’s New History of the Civil War

Elizabeth Varon’s book, Armies of Deliverance: A New History of the Civil War, has just come to my attention, [...]
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Millions of French Workers Come Out to Oppose Austerity

In 1920, Lenin wrote of how, in approaching “the decisive battle” against capitalism with any chance of success, [...]
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Will Joseph Ratzinger’s Grim Legacy Outlive Him?

The death of Joseph Ratzinger, who served as Pope Benedict XVI (2005-13), was announced just as I was [...]
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Kadın, Yaşam, Özgürlük: İran’daki Ayaklanmanın Tarihi Kökenleri

This article will appear in Dissent’s Winter 2023 issue, out in January, and was published online on Dec. [...]
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[Published] Woman, Life, Freedom: The Origins of the Uprising in Iran

In March, 1979, urban Iranian women and girls and their male supporters took part in a week of [...]
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The new translation into Tamil of Marx at the Margins

The new translation into Tamil of Marx at the Margins is now available. Tamil Nadu, India: New Century [...]
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The Last Years of Karl Marx: A Conversation between Marcello Musto, Kevin B. Anderson, Himani Banerji & David N. Smith

A BSA Social Theory Study Group Event, 25 October 2021  
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Portuguese (Brazil) edition of Marx at the Margins

Marx nas margens nacionalismo, etnias e sociedades não ocidentais [ ESTE LIVRO ENCONTRA-SE EM PRÉ-VENDA E ESTARÁ DISPONÍVEL A [...]
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Scholars of Distinction

Sociologist and historian are named 2019 Fellows of the American Council of Learned Societies By Jim Logan Thursday, [...]
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Haluk Yurtsever, “Hegel ve Lenin Üzerine Kışkırtıcı Düşünceler [Thought Provoking Claims on Hegel and Lenin]”

(Turkish) Haluk Yurtsever, “Hegel ve Lenin Üzerine Kışkırtıcı Düşünceler [Thought Provoking Claims on Hegel and Lenin],” Radikal, Istanbul daily [...]
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