The Paris Assassinations in Global Context – Kevin Anderson

Two hundred years ago, the German philosopher Hegel wrote of the dehumanization that occurred during the Great Terror that followed the French Revolution of 1789 as a form of “death that achieves nothing, embraces nothing within its grasp; it is thus the most cold-blooded and meaningless death of all, with no more significance than cleaving a head of cabbage or swallowing a draught of water.”

Ferguson Protests Place American Civilization on Trial: A Symposium – by David Black, Kevin Anderson, Richard Abernethy, Dan Beltaigne, Antony H., and Remah Sufi

Introduction The mass outpourings in the USA protesting the growing epidemic of police murders of Black youth have exposed, more than ever, the great divides in American society. Whilst people of color in the US feel ever more threatened and angered by a gendarmerie newly-militarized with deadly hardware surplus from overseas wars, the supporters of […]

[Chinese Translation] On Hegel and the Rise of Social Theory: A Critical Appreciation of Herbert Marcuse’s Reason and Revolution, Fifty Years Later

This article was translated into Chinese and published in Research on Marxist Aesthetics (Shanghai Jiao Tong University). The original was published in Sociological Theory 11:3 (November 1993) and can be accessed HERE. The Chinese translation can be accessed HERE.

[Japanese] Lenin’s Encounter with Hegel after 80

This article first appeared in English in Science & Society, Vol. 59, No. 3 (1995) and can be accessed here. The Japanese version, published in the Tokyo Gramsci Society Bulletin, No. 59 (2014) PDF

Ukraine : Aspirations démocratiques et rivalités inter-impérialistes

This article was translated into French and published in Avanti: site animé par des marxistes révolutionnaires (Belgium). The original, entitled “Ukraine: Democratic Aspirations 
and Inter-Imperialist Rivalry,” was published in New Politics 15:1 (Summer 2014) and can be accessed HERE. The French translation can be accessed HERE.

On Gilbert Achcar’s Marxist Analysis of the Arab Uprising

Review of Gilbert Achcar’s The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising, a book that uncovers its economic and political underpinnings, while also offering a critique of crude forms of anti-imperialism.

Ucrania: Aspiraciones democráticas y rivalidad interimperialista

This article was translated into Spanish and published in Viento Sur (Spain). The original, entitled “Ukraine: Democratic Aspirations 
and Inter-imperialist Rivalry,” was published in New Politics 15:1 (Summer 2014) and can be accessed HERE. The Spanish translation can be accessed HERE.

Popular Movements and Their Contradictions: From the Arab Revolutions to Today

Today we face two new and shocking acts of militaristic barbarism, the Israeli attacks on Gaza, which have cost over 1000 lives, almost all of them civilians, and the downing by Russian-backed separatists of a civilian airliner over Ukraine that killed 298. Both of these attacks are examples of nationalist fanaticism; both are counterrevolutionary; both are seeking to extinguish the fires of national liberation movements; both will ultimately fail.

Crisis in Ukraine: A New Politics Pamphlet – by Joanne Landy, Kevin Anderson, and Sean Larson

Three analyses of Ukraine that were issued separately as a pamphlet and will appear in the independent socialist journal New Politics 15:1 (Summer 2014). (French Translation) (SpanishTranslation)

The Althusserian Cul-de-Sac

The French philosopher Louis Althusser’s structuralist Marxism remains a point of reference for many contemporary schools of radical thought, even for some of those that have moved away from Marxism completely. Moreover, as radical thought has experienced a partial return to Marx after several decades of Nietzschean post-structuralism, the legacy of Althusser lies in wait, […]