Afghanistan – Don’t Look Away: A Crisis for the Whole of Humanity

The defeat of the U.S. and the seizure of power by the Taliban mark a real turning point. This reveals both imperialism and fundamentalism as obstacles to human emancipation at a time when Afghan women are leading the resistance.

Paul Mason’s Socialist Humanist Manifesto

Public intellectuals of the Left usually expend their time and energy on anti-imperialism, anti-militarism, anti-racism, and less frequently, anti-capitalism. They often see their role, in the muckraker tradition, as one of “exposing” the system.

Remembering the Arab Spring… or Arabic as the Language of 21st Century Revolution

After a long peregrination through the postal services of several authoritarian regimes, a physical copy of the Arabic translation of my Marx at the Margins arrived recently in the mail. I was deeply moved by the fact that this had occurred during the tenth anniversary of the Arab Spring.

Threat of Civil War at the State Level in the U.S.: Reflections on Trumpism in Michigan

While all eyes were on Washington during Trump’s second acquittal in an impeachment trial, which showed that the Republican Party at a national level is willing to turn a blind eye (at best) to armed coup attempts, even more ominous developments were occurring at the state and regional levels. This can be seen most dramatically […]

Looking Back at Maoism and the Global Left

As against nearly a century of debates over Stalinism, the international left has never come to terms with Maoism, especially its global impact. Disillusionment with Stalinism is marked by clear, indeed tragic, dates in international politics: the Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939 that launched World War II, the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, the […]

Don’t Forget the Political Earthquake in Georgia

Defeat of the Republicans in the January 5 Georgia senate election at the hands of Blacks and other progressives upends the decades-old Republican “Southern strategy".

U.S. Election Shows Deep Divisions, with Multiple Dangers Ahead Even If Trump Can Be Made to Leave Office

The U.S. election showed deep opposition to Donald Trump and the far-right Republican Party, but far less than polls predicted in terms of the total voting margin for the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris centrist Democratic ticket. While Biden and Harris scored nearly 51% to Trump’s nearly 48%, with a 5 million advantage (77 million total, and […]

Thoughts on the U.S. Elections: Threat of the Far Right

  1) How do you judge things in the run-up to the November elections? What is the political scenery like, two weeks before the elections? Now that Trump has sunk deeply in the polls, after a disastrous infection with COVID-19 and an equally disastrous debate performance, the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed, with less fear […]

Indonesia: Mass Strikes Show Intersection of Class, Gender, and Ecology

Over a million people have taken to the streets in Indonesia to protest a neoliberal law that would roll back labor protections, especially for working women, while also opening the road toward greater environmental destruction.

What Is Socialism? Answers from a Humanist, Marxist Point of View

In dialectical thought going back to Socrates, it has often been useful to define something by indicating what it is not, and from there, getting closer to a true definition of the issue at hand. This method of presentation is different, of course, from that in traditional textbook learning, but it is utterly appropriate to the discussion of socialism, a subject both complex in its own right and overlaid with so many conflicting perspectives and interpretations.