Lessons from Marx’s Classic Work, Critique of the Gotha Program, as Seen in Our New Translation — and in Light of What Faces Us Today

What We Face in the World Situation When we met in Convention two years ago, Donald Trump was still president of the US, a fact that certainly underlined the global fascist threat, while at the same time, the international Black Lives Matter uprising was at its zenith and the Sanders campaign had just swept across […]

The Five Lives of Raya Dunayevskaya: Sources of Intersectional Marxism

By Kevin B. Anderson, Kieran Durkin, Heather Brown

The history of women thinkers is marked by enforced obsolescence, especially once male counterparts start working in the same terrain. Think of Hypatia or Rosa Luxemburg, nearly forgotten in the years following their assassinations. Sometimes interest in these thinkers is revived, however, years or centuries later. The life and work of Raya Dunayevskaya (1910–1987)—a Marxist, a Russian immigrant, a humanist, […]

No, Karl Marx Was Not Eurocentric

Critics of Marx have accused him of imposing a European model of historical development on the rest of the world. But the real Marx rejected Eurocentric thinking and developed a sophisticated view of world history in all its diversity and complexity.

French Parliamentary Elections: Left Surges, But Neofascists Also Gain Amid Centrist “Neutrality”

The June parliamentary elections created a large space for the French Left, something not seen in decades. The right-of-center government of President Emmanuel Macron’s Together! bloc suffered a huge defeat, not even obtaining an absolute majority in the National Assembly, with 245 of 577 seats, down almost 100 from the 2017 election. A leftwing coalition, […]

Official Call for Convention: The War Against Ukraine, the Resurgent Right, and the Quest for a Humanist Alternative – Developing Our Response to a New Global Turning Point

Official Call for Convention To Work Out the Philosophical, Political, and Organizational Perspectives of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization Drafted by Peter Hudis, with Kevin B. Anderson, Heather Brown, Dave Black, Lilia D. Monzo, Rehmah Sufi, Jens Johansson, Rocío Lopez, Sushanta Roy, and Bill Young   Part I: Putin’s War Against Ukraine and its Global Ramifications Russia’s […]

Revisiting Marx on Race, Capitalism, and Revolution

Did Karl Marx have a theory of race and capitalism? Not exactly, but he theorized on these issues over four decades and much of what he wrote still speaks to us today.

The January 6 Insurrection: Historical and Global Contexts

General Winfield Scott is best known as the leader of the U.S. military during the imperialist Mexican War, but not for his pro-constitutional actions.

On the 150th Anniversary of the Paris Commune: Marx, Gender, and the Alternative to Capitalism in 1871, 1844, and Today

This year, as we mark the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune of 1871, the question arises as to whether that type of direct democracy with an anti-statist, anti-capitalist bent is realizable any longer.

Kenosha Trial Gives Fascists Open Season on Black Lives Matter and the Left

It is getting closer to midnight in the United States. The November 19 Kenosha verdict is a racist, reactionary outrage and a big step forward for those scheming for a fascist society.

Afghanistan – Don’t Look Away: A Crisis for the Whole of Humanity

The defeat of the U.S. and the seizure of power by the Taliban mark a real turning point. This reveals both imperialism and fundamentalism as obstacles to human emancipation at a time when Afghan women are leading the resistance.